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Athletic Eligibilty

 A student must live with his parent or parents or legally appointed guard- ian except as authorized by the SC High School League.

A student must attend the high school that serves the attendance area
in which his parents reside, except as authorized by the SC High School League.

A student that turns 19 before July 1st, going into his senior school year , is ineligible. If that student turns 19after July 1st, he may complete the season in progress.

A student must have a valid birth certificate certified by the SC High School League

A student may not participate in interscholastic competition for more than four school years, beginning at thetime of entry into the ninth grade

A student who transfers from one member school to another without a corresponding change of residence by the parents or guardian will be eligible after 1 calendar year from the date of entry.

Must have a physical dated April 1, of the current school year. The doctor has to use the official physical form (may obtain one from school office) and use blue ink. The form must be signed and dated by the doc- tor, parent, and student.     

A student must meet academic requirements as specified below:

To participate in interscholastic activities, a student in grades 9-12

 must achieve an overall passing average and either a student must pass at least 5 units of credit       applicable toward a diploma, 2 of which must be in the spring term and/or summer school of the previous year or in the fall or

if the student is eligible fall term, he/she must pass the equivalent of 2 units of credit in the fall. If the student is not eligible fall term, he must pass the equivalent of 2 1/2 units of credit.

Each student’s overall passing average shall be determined by a numerical
average of all courses taken during the previous term.

A passing average shall be consistent with the district’s established
grading systems.