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Principal's Message

From the Principal's Desk

Welcome to Buford High!

We have many great things going on in our clubs, sports and activities. Please get involved, and most of all, apply yourself in every class you take.

What you do the four years you are in high school will determine what you are able to do the rest of your life.

Good grades, good attendance, a good discipline report and being on time for all your classes will help you get into the college you want, get a good job in the military or get started in a good career.

We want all our students to be College and Career ready so apply yourself, listen to your teachers, counselors and administrators so you will be globally competitive in whatever you choose to do.

I am proud to be your principal. This is a GREAT community with supportive parents, great fans and the BEST staff possible. We will all strive to give all our students the best educational opportunities possible, and if we all work together then we will have great successes.

And as always,

Go Jackets!

Photo of Rodney Miller

Rodney K. Miller, Principal