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Student Parking

Know the rules for student parking

• Gold Card holders will be allowed to park in choice spaces in the front parking area provided they display
the proper parking pass.

• All students must have completed the Alive at 25 course to park in any Lancaster County School District
student parking space.
  • All students MUST take the Alive at 25 course to purchase a parking pass.
  • A student only has to take and pass the Alive at 25 course only one time.
  • The cost of the Alive at 25 course is $35.
  • A student will be issued a certificate upon successful completion of the Alive at 25 course.
  • A student should get a credit on your car in-surance if the certificate is presented to the insurance company.
  • To enroll in the Alive at 25 course, go to or call the Alive at 25 office at 803-732-6778. The website will have available classes and locations as well.

• The cost for a parking pass is $20 for the entire school year.

• Parking passes are available in the main office.

• A parking pass must be visible on the mirror or dash of the car at all times while parking on campus.

• If a student is parking on campus without a pass, a ticket will be issued with the consequences below.

  • 1st offense..........................Warning
  • 2nd offense........................... $5 fine
  • 3rd offense..........................$10 fine
  • 4th offense & subsequent offenses
  • .........$15 fine & possible towing

• The administration reserves the right to assign numbered spaces. Unfortunately, the school only hasa limited number of parking spaces available. For that reason, the passes will be issued on a “firstcome,

first-served” basis.

• Once the parking spaces are sold out, NO MORE WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE.

• If you do not have a parking pass, you will not be allowed to park on the school campus.