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Senior Survey

Use this link to complete a survey for Ms. Singleton to collect college preparation information. Everyone completing the survey will be entered into drawings for prizes.

2 Hour Weather Delay

2 hour weather delay for December 10, 2018. Please stay tuned to other social media outlets and television if this should change. Please see our 2-Hour Delay Schedule listed below:

1st Block: 10:30-11:34 2nd Block: 11:39-12:433rd Block and Lunch:1st lunch - 12:43-1:13-Class for First Lunch: 1:18-2:252nd lunch - 1:20-1:50-Class for Second Lunch (1st Half): 12:48-1:20-Class for Second Lunch (2nd Half): 1:55-2:253rd lunch - 1:55-2:25-Class for Third Lunch: 12:48-1:554th Block: 2:30-3:30

New PowerSchool App

A new version of PowerSchool Mobile for iOS (2.6.0) is now available in the Apple App Store for parents and students. This release provides a new enhanced student schedule, and fixes to existing issues.

Schedule Change Request Form

CLICK HERE to access the Schedule Change Request Form.


Jacket P.R.I.D.E Recognition

Students who have been selected as examples of Jacket P.R.I.D.E. will receive coupons to Chick -Fil -A or Highway 55. Some lucky students will receive a tshirt!

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