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Parent University

The Children’s Council is hosting a FREE event called Parent University. Is it a night for parents to come together to learn, network and feel empowered! Parent University is designed for all Lancaster County parents and caregivers of middle and high school students. Stay up-to-date with teen trends by attending this event. Register for the event at

High School Musical

BHS will present High School Musical on March 22 and March 23 in the multipurpose building beginning at 7 pm. Cost of tickets is $6 and tickets are ONLY sold at the door.

Prom Guest Forms

You can access the guest forms required for prom if guest are from another school or recently out of school.

Prom Tickets

Prom tickets will be on sale until Friday, February 1st. The cost is $25 for Gold Card students and $50 for other students. Only junior and senior students can purchase tickets. See Ms. Wieland for more details.


Parent University

Click on the photo below to enjoy scenes from Military Ball.