The Returning Student Registration 2022-2023 is open. Parents can login to their parent portal account at and select the icon located at the bottom left and update information for each child currently enrolled. Registration must be updated using a computer instead of a mobile device

Please have parents update their child's information by Friday, May 20th so bus routes can be scheduled over the summer. Returning student registration updates contacts, medical information including medicare, transportation, and chromebook protection plan.

The state department has updated the Enrollment Survey. Screenshots of each page are attached to this email. Dropdown responses prompt other questions that may not be shown.

Priority - Page 4.pdf
Agreements - Page 8.pdf
Returning Student Enrollment 2022-2023 - Introduction - Page 1.pdf
Additional - Page 9.pdf
Transportation - Page 7.pdf
Medical - Page 6.pdf
Signature - Page 10.pdf
Contacts - Page 3.pdf
Student - Page 2.pdf
Siblings - Page 5.pdf