Dress Code

Dress Code

A student cannot. . .

  • Wear tops exposing the stomach, being too tight or see through or strap- less, being too low in the front, exposing cleavage, or being too low in the back.

  • Wear tank tops unless the shoulder straps cover the shoulders and the armholes fit under the arms, racer-back tops, muscle shirts without sleeves.

  • Wear studded belts, gloves, or large chains.

  • Wear pajamas, flannel pants, or bedroom shoes.

  • Wear leggings, jeggings, tights, hose, yoga pants—any legcovering with- out a zipper (spandex) or any pants that are too tight and are a distraction—unless top worn is 2 inches above the knee – NO FORM FITTING CLOTHES.

  • Wear skirts, any slits, dresses or shorts with a hemline more than 2 inches above the knee .

  • Wear the waist of slacks, shorts, or skirts lower than the natural waistline (above the pelvic bones).

  • Wear clothing with profane or obscene words or gestures

  • Wear clothing or carry items that advertise alcoholic beverages, have sexually explicit terms, express ethnic slurs, no gang related items, or anything that closely resembles these types of items, nothing fully cover- ing the head.

  • Wear any clothing with holes in it that comes above the knees and shows skin.

  • Wear bandannas, headbands, sweatbands, hats or headdresses, including hoods, inside the school building at any time, except to athletic events.

  • Wear any other items identified by the principal that in his /her judgment have an adverse effect on discipline or the effectiveness of the instructional program.

  • Have blankets or quilts in classrooms.