Early Dismissal

Early Release:

  • In the event a student needs to be dismissed early, the student must bring a parent note to office before the start of the school day for an early dismissal pass.
  • The note must include the following information: date, reason for early dismissal, time to be dismissed, parent/guardian’s signature, and a telephone number at which the parent will be called to verify the note.
  • Students must always sign out with the office before leaving campus.
  • This applies whether the student brought an early dismissal note or was notified by the office during the school day.
  • Failure to sign out in the office before leaving school will result in a cutting/skipping offense.
  • If the student returns to school, he/she must report to the office to sign back in before reporting to class.
  • Due to the difficulty of verifying early dismissal requests, telephone dismissal requests are not accepted.